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21-Day Fast

We are going to start off 2023 in the best way possible—with 21 days of prayer and fasting! This year's fast will take place January 8-28. We can't wait to see how God moves in each of our lives!


What Is A Fast?

Fasting is a VITAL part of the Christian life. We see so many examples of it in the Bible of great people of faith fasting... Daniel, Moses, Esther, & Jesus himself.

But what exactly is fasting?
Fasting is when we say no to the things of the flesh se we can say YES to the things of God. In other words, it's when we abstain from certain things (like food or social media) for a season and in their place, spend time & seek God. Some people fast food or specific types of food, while others fast things like entertainment or social media. It's important to remember that a fast is not a diet. The PURPOSE is so much deeper — we want to get CLOSER to Jesus than EVER before!

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21-Day Fast Devotional

In this year's devotional, we are diving into what it means to live a lifestyle of prayer by learning about how Jesus spent time with the Father! Our 21-Day Devotional Book is available for download now!

PT Kids 21-Day Fast Devotional

Make sure your kids don’t miss out on the fast! We have a 21-Day PT Kids Devotional made just for them! This children's devotional is now available for download!

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Prayer Meeting

Philadelphia Tabernacle was birthed through prayer and built on prayer! That's why we always say that the most important meeting of the week is the Wednesday night Prayer Meeting! Join us Wednesday,  January 11, 2023  at 7pm in person  as we see God move in powerful ways!

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