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Serve Others Into Greatness

Jesus said that the “greatest among you will be the servant of all.” We are called to serve others into greatness. When we serve others into greatness, we walk in the momentum of the Spirit of God and we participate in Kingdom movement! When you serve, you are a channel of the love of God and the power of God! When we step up, take our place and serve, we become and we help others become! And that’s what it’s all about. Becoming all that we are called to be for the glory of God. So, are you ready to take your place?

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Philadelphia Tabernacle is a place for kids 0-5th graders to grow, learn and play together! Our mission is to raise up the next Spirit-filled generation who will change the world and we do this through our values: the Word of God, worship, prayer, fun and friendship!


Exciting children’s programming available every Sunday at 10am for kids 0-5th grade!

Kids Week of Innovation was a week-long creative adventure for kids K-5th grade! At KWI, children learned through exciting science, music, and art classes taught by experienced instructors, as well as explore God’s word through exciting dramas and worship! 

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